About Our Laundry

The Goodwill Laundry and Linens Services division is the most modern in America, the $15-million state-of-the-art facility that sits on 3.6 acres, is fully automated, energy-efficient and environmentally green. It will provide services to hospitals, nursing homes and other institutional users.  Automation will make the laundry cost effective and allow us to provide top notch quality, efficiency and customer pricing – all of which will sustain and grow our operations throughout the South Florida region for many years to come.

The laundry will also provide job training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and special needs, many of whom are poor and unemployed. Once it achieves peak capacity of 40 million pounds annually, the Goodwill laundry will provide at least 200 jobs and more than $5 million in yearly wages for underemployed members of our community.

Water Purification System:

To ensure the linens processed are white, hygienically clean, crisp, and soft, we made a significant investment in our water purification system. Quality water also extends the life of the linen. We installed an expensive Sanitron UV System that kills and removes all bacteria, viruses and organisms in the water. Our laundry water is cleaner than drinking and bottled water.

Water Consumption:
  • Water requirements for washing are reduced by 60% by our washers. 
  • We have a built-in water recycling system.

The Laundry is Green – Was designed and engineered to use the least amount of natural resources to produce clean linen.    


Hot water is produced using no additional energy by capturing the 400º hot exhaust air from the two high efficiency boilers.

The large industrial ironers use a self-contained thermal heating system. It uses 50% less energy than old conventional steam ironers to provide heat for the ironing process.

Lighting in the building is provided by modern high efficiency fixtures mandated by Federal Standards that meet all Energy Star requirements and produces significantly better lighting at a lower cost to the facility.


The Laundry is one of the first laundries in the state of Florida to use Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (NPE) Free Detergent.


Plastic bags received from the hospitals are recycled and not sent to landfills. At capacity, the laundry will annually recycle over 208,000 pounds of recycled plastic. 


As a company, we are highly recognized nationally for our very effective safety programs.  Goodwill's worker’s compensation experience modification rate is .87. This is a rate that very few companies attain.  

Linen Delivery:

The trucks that deliver the linen are backed up by the large Goodwill trucking fleet and are available 24 hours a day.

Fuel supply interruptions that can be caused by hurricanes or other disasters are not an issue due to the onsite fueling tanks at the main Goodwill facility.

Goodwill of South Florida maintains a large pool of available drivers that are on call to the laundry facility if required.


The Laundry has been air engineered to provide the most comfortable environment possible for an industrial laundry facility.  All employee work stations are spot cooled by air conditioning.  This translates to less fatigue due to the heat that is usually present in most laundries.  Productivity increases, and the reduced costs are passed on to our customers.

Linen Management:

The Goodwill Laundry uses state-of-the-art linen management software to track linen received and shipped to the healthcare clients.

Billing is accompanied by delivery manifests generated by the software for each delivery cart shipped and received with bar code certification.

Linen usage and analysis can be provided to the client for use in lowering their linen costs.

Internal hospital linen distribution software will be provided at no charge to customers to improve service and lower costs inside their facilities.  The software allows customers to track linen movement in real time.

Goodwill can offer Linen Distribution Services internally to the healthcare customers - if requested at a lower cost than they can provide for themselves.


It is centrally located with easy and quick access to all of the major healthcare providers in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.