Green – Eco-Friendly Laundry Initiative

The Goodwill Health Care Laundry was designed with the environment in mind.  We took many actions so that this laundry will reduce the carbon footprint. Here are some of the things we built into the program.

Water Conservation:  We made a conscious effort to purchase the best equipment to reduce the water consumption in the laundry.  We settled on the Milnor Pulse Flow Tunnel Washers because it does a number of things.  Firstly it uses .47 gallons of water per pound of soiled linen compared to 1 gallon of water per pound of soiled linen on all the other equipment in the market place.  Based on a capacity of twenty million pounds of soiled linen we will reduce our water consumption by 10,600,000 gallons of water per year.  In addition the extractor will remove 75% of the moisture in the linen before it is sent to the dryers.

Dryers by their very nature consume a tremendous amount of natural gas.  The reduce the amount of natural gas that will be used for drying we have installed moisture detection sensors which will automatically set the amount of heat going into the dryer reducing the amount of natural gas being consumed.  

Finished Goods: In this area the drying process into the ironers, folders and robotic feeder are all temperature controlled by a computer system.  That produces a further reduction in heat and energy while at the same time ensuring a proper finish for patient comfort.  The ironers used self-contained thermally heated oil for the ironing process.   The oil retains more heat than stains resulting in a 25% reduction of natural gas.

Reduction In hot water:  Water is heated by recirculating heated waste water through the heat exchangers using energy that will normally be sent down the drain to preheat the incoming cold water. Hot exhausted from the boilers which would normally be vent through the roof and lost, is redirected to eliminated the need for additional energy to make hot water.

Lightning:  We have used the most innovative lightning systems to reduce the use of energy.  Our lightning meets all of the Energy Star Lightning requirements.  The Energy Star program is supported by the EPA that certifies appliances, lighting fixtures, light bulbs and other items as being environmentally progressive and sustainable.

Recycle:  We have a very aggressive recycle program which includes:

  • Recyclable soiled linen bags

At capacity we will recycle approximately 300,000 pounds of plastic, cardboards and aluminum cans

Surgical Instruments Return:  At full capacity we will return approximately $100,000 worth of surgical instruments.

Eco Friendly Products:  Goodwill industries will offer a wide variety of ecofriendly products


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