Manufacturing Apparel & Flags

Apparel Manufacturing

Each day, over 1000 people with disabilities employed by Goodwill produce: camouflage trousers and coats, dress slacks, garrison caps, and fleece jackets, for the United States Armed Forces. Goodwill is proud to manufacture over 7,000 interment flags monthly for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and is the sole supplier of United States and Florida State flags for all the counties and cities in Florida. Goodwill employees also produces aprons for Publix and other entities, along with a variety of other commercial flags and products.

Manufacturing military clothing requires superior workmanship and quality. These items are designed to withstand the rigors of combat and close military inspections. Each item requires multiple operations of a different complexity that must be produced in sequence, one operation at a time, assembly-line style. This characteristic provides unique opportunities to provide vocational rehabilitation services because of the large diversity ranging from complex operations and machines to very simple ones that provide opportunities for a wide range of people with disabilities. The opportunity to train through intense repetition enables individuals with limited ability to learn a skill and earn a good wage.

Apparel Manufacturing is beneficial for those needing an extended period to experience success and reach a competitive level. It is also beneficial for those with physical disabilities who need modified workstations, people with developmental disabilities and individuals experiencing severe emotional problems. Although supports are put in place to foster increased productivity, those with significant mental and emotional disabilities may require a long period of time to become competitively employable and require extensive case management while employed at Goodwill. Participants in this program respond favorably to the job coaching program, intense counseling and close supervision. In this program, supervisors and job coaches monitor participants daily or even hourly if needed.

Goodwill is known for outstanding quality and on-time delivery and has assisted Department of Defense, Department of Veteran’s Affairs and others with stock shortages, wartime surges and hurricane emergencies. Goodwill is always interested in expanding our customer base. Please call Sherri Scyphers Hungate at (305) 218-2105 for additional information on sewing capability.

Custom Flag & Banner Manufacturing

The Goodwill Flag Center produces custom-made and specialty flags. We currently manufacture US, State of Florida, and City of Miami flags that are available for purchase at goodwillflagcenter.

Goodwill purchased the assets of Penn Made, a 75 year-old company specializing in the manufacturing of the embroidered star field used for the United States of America flags. This will enable Goodwill to manufacture, with the assurance of a supply of star fields, in a highly competitive market. We currently operate the only state-of-the-art embroidery equipment in the Southeast.

Goodwill has a store front, The  Flag Center, where any church, school, business or government entity can purchase a custom manufactured flag, pennant or banner