Manufacturing Apparel & Flags


Goodwill South Florida's Apparel and Flag Manufacturing Division is a leading manufacturer of complex military gear and associated items for a demanding customer, the US Military. Utilizing a workforce of 1,000 that is comprised of more than 75% of people with disabilities, our mission helps support the mission of the nation's military. Each item requires multiple operations of a different complexity that must be produced in sequence, one operation at a time, in an assembly-line style. Quality is of the utmost importance, and we take that challenge to heart. Goodwill South Florida assists its workforce in reaching its best ability through an engineering and mechanical department that focuses on routine machine maintenance and modifying workstations to accommodate an individual's specific needs to be able to perform their job function as part of the manufacturing team. Because of these accommodations, we can manufacture complex items with high quality at a competitive price while meeting our social mission of providing job training and employment opportunities to those with disabilities and barriers to employment.

ACU Coat & Trouser:

Goodwill South Florida produces the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The uniform has been fielded since 2005 and Goodwill has consistently delivered quality garments annually. ACU pant includes an eight pocket design with velcro and button closures, while the coat is a five-pocket blouse with a zippered front and velcro tab enclosures. Goodwill South Florida also manufactures a Flame Resistant variant of the ACU for the US Army.

AF Women's Dress Slack & Army Women's Dress Shirt:

We have experience in manufacturing dress clothing for the US Armed Forces, including the Air Force Women's Dress Slack for our DLA customer and the Army Women's Dress Shirt as a subcontract to an Industry partner. This capability to meet meticulous standards in dress wear impresses the variety of skill and demands our workforce achieves every day!

Interment Flag in Box:

We proudly manufacture over 7,000 Interment Flags for the Department of Veterans' Affairs which are used to drape the casket or accompany the urn of a deceased Veteran who served honorably in the US military. This important mission is performed with the utmost care and deference to what the internment flag represents.

RABU coat & trouser:

The Rip-stop Airman Battle Uniform (RABU)  is manufactured for our customer, DLA. The jacket blouse includes velcro patches, pen pocket on the left forearm and is made of a durable material. The trousers contain an elastic stretch waist, lower leg cargo pockets and tool pouches on the lower leg pockets.


The Army Combat Pant (ACP) is a rugged, flame-resistant pant that is technically complex to manufacture and is used in challenging combat environments, such as the mountainous terrain in Afghanistan. The ACP has two side pockets, two cargo pockets on the mid-thigh, two rear hip pockets with two button closure flaps, and two lower pockets. There is also a knee pad pocket on each knee for an insertable knee pad. This complex item demonstrates the technical capability of our disabled workforce to manufacture a durable, high-quality item.

ACS (Type I):

The Army Combat Shirt (ACS) is a flame-resistant shirt to be used in warm and hot weather in combat conditions as a breathable, durable alternative to the ACU blouse. It is manufactured using lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics. There are no-seam shoulders to reduce friction between body armor. The shirt has a pen pocket on the lower arm, zippered storage pockets on the upper arm, velcro patches on the upper arm for name, rank, and flag attachment. The moisture-wicking nature of the fabric allows for greatly improved comfort for the military wearer.

Goodwill is known for outstanding quality and on-time delivery and has assisted Department of Defense, Department of Veteran’s Affairs and others with stock shortages, wartime surges, and hurricane emergencies. Goodwill is always interested in expanding our customer base. Please call Mark Marchioli at (305) 218-2105 or email at