Unique & Special

The most important feature is that the laundry is operated by an integrated computer system. From the moment the laundry is sorted and placed into bags for transport for processing, the computer is monitoring the bag:

  • To what hospital the laundry belongs.
  • What type it is.
  • How it needs to treated. 
  • Directs it from one process to the next. It may re-direct it in a different direction if there is a disruption in the production line.
  • This process ends once the laundry is neatly folded and ready to be delivered. 

Our system is designed to minimize Disruptions in Production due to machine breakdowns which are costly and create customer dissatisfaction: 

  • Many Equipment redundancies have been incorporated - such as multiple tunnel washers, dryers, ironers and boilers. Our state-of-the-art computer system is programmed to take full advantage of these redundancies. 
  • All machinery and equipment are new and made in the United States. 
  • All mission critical equipment has a manufacturer’s guarantee of less than 24 hour replacement parts as compared to all the other major manufacturers located in Europe.  
  • All equipment is under a preventive maintenance program. The qualified mechanic on site has 25 years of experience in laundry equipment repair.
  • Dealer Support is only four miles away.

Due to the high cost, hospitals operate only with several days of linen on hand that rotates through the laundry continuously. Disruption in laundry operations due to a hurricane is a major concern for hospitals.  

To minimize this risk:

  • The building has been reinforced to withstand hurricanes. 
  • We have a very large generator with fuel storage on site.   
  • We have access to our own well water. 

Infection control is critical to hospitals. To reduce any chance of cross contamination, the processing facility was engineered with a barrier that separates the soiled linen from the clean linen:

  • Washers are loaded on the soiled side and unloaded on the clean side. 
  • Doors and openings have been engineered for the air flow to pass from the clean side to the soiled side of the plant. 
  • The carts used to transport linen go through a cart wash and disinfection process as they move across the barrier wall.